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Valentines Day can be something of a two-edged sword. You don’t know who your admirer is but they can express their feelings without revealing their identity. But what if you wanted to respond, and what if they wanted a response? 

Well things just got interesting because the people behind, the leading directory site in the UK, have come up with a novel idea for lovers this Valentine’s Day and it gives everyone the best of both worlds. 

At Valentines United we have got it covered. All you have to do is visit the site, type your message in the box provided, give us your e-mail address and the object of your affection’s e-mail address and we will do the rest. Your love message will then wing its way like Cupid’s arrow straight to your lover’s inbox and they won’t know who it is from. 

But that is only half the story. What makes Valentines United special is that you can reply to the sender, and if your admirer then feels brave enough; they can reveal their true identity to you. You could have hours of flirtatious fun, or you could discover a lover. Whatever the outcome is, it will be one day you might actually want to go into the office. 

Of course, we make sure that your identity is kept secret so you have got the peace of mind to wing those love notes across the globe or even to the next door desk, with total anonymity. So why not test the waters because if Elvis were alive today, he might be singing a different tune.